There are an abundance of factions once you join the server, so many that it's hard to make your choice!

The following are the factions, lands they own, and factions information. Also, due rules of war, it is also mentioned which lands are within it's souvernity (protection), occupation or warzones.

Faction Lands they own Information Ruler Occupied- land(O)



Hobbits Shire, White Downs. The Land of the Halflings thrive under the rulership of their Mayor, and live safely beneath the wings of the Dúnedain. Elections are coming soon, so take your ticket and throw in the vote! None None
Dūnedain Eriador, Minihiriath, The Angle, Eryn Vorn, Arvedui's Mines(wp), Lond Daer(wp). The Lands of the North constantly face the threat of the northern evil, which never rests. But the old ruin is rebuilt, and Arnor is being rebuilt to be great once more. The scattered Dúnedain have united! SaxonSavage



Shire(S), Bree(S),


Lone-Lands(!), Barrow Downs(!)

Bree Bree-land, Archet, Midgewater. The townlands of Bree are very peaceful, even tho they are on the edge of danger. Small but independant. Yet still rely very much on the Dúnedain. They have their own mayors, but are governed by the Dúnedain after all. SaxonSavage


Blue Mountains Blue Mountains (exc. Arvedui's Mines). The Dwarves of Old are ready for the new Gundabad threath, and by the moment make more weapons with their forges burning. K_A_I

(Tharaz of the Firebeards) and Frolinn (King of the Broadbeams)

High Elves Lindon, Tower Hills,


The Noldorin Elves have become a new superpower in our age. Close friends with the Kingdom of Arnor. Even tho the Elves are fading in numbers, the High Elves won't be leaving any time soon.


(Elrond, Lord of Imladris)

Lossoth Bay of Forochel, Taiga, Tundra The peaceful tribes living in the far North. They have close ties with the Dúnedain due historical events. Peaceful or not, they are willing to fight for their home if they must. stijndebuilder (Lossoth Chieftain None
Beornings North-Vales of the Anduin (Carrock, Beorn's Hall, Old Ford, Framsburg) The Northmen tribes living on the northern shores of the Anduin. The constant threath of orcs made them a suspicious folk, only trusting the other Northmen and the elves. None None
Woodmen of Greenwood Rhosgobel, Forest Gate The Northmen tribes living in the west of Mirkwood. Dark days have come for them since the uprising of Dol Guldur. They fight alongside the Woodland Elves against the foul beasts from the Hill of Sorcery. None None
The Woodland Realm Woodland Realm The everlasting Woodland Realm of the Silvan Elves. They are closely allied to Dale and the Woodmen, with one purpose: Keeping their lands clean from enemies. Nevertheless they are good to trade with. None Northern-Mirkwood(O),


Dwarves of the Iron Hills Iron Hills, Grey Mountains, Erebor The sturdy Dwarves of the Iron Hills have reclaimed Erebor after the Battle of the Five Armies. They don't often mess with other people's business, but they make good allies if you seek their help. Loyalty and Brotherhood. Lord_Celeborn

(Dain Ironfoot II)

Northern Wilderland(!)
Dale Dale The not so old kingdom of the Northmen. After the Battle of the Five armies, Bard and his bloodline continued to rule Dale. They are good traders, and have excellent ships. MongoBrain (King Brand) Long-Marshes(S),


Northern Wilderland(!)

Dorwinion Dorwinion, Emyn Winion The land of wealth. Dorwinion is filled with traders, vinyards and much more. They also seem to be friendly towards Easterlings, and are far from war-aimed. We'll see how long that lasts... None None
Lothlórien Lothlórien The ever so bright Golden Forest and it's lady. They are not very much into war, but last years made them change their mind. Evil is rising and they were the first of all to notice. Will they remain in the forest, or will they perceive the orcs? None Fields of Celebrant(S)
Gondor Gondor with all it's fiefdoms, Andrast, White mountains(except Dunharrow), Harondor Gondor, the land of the Stewards. The strongest among all western lands. A wealthy land with an even greater army. Both naval and on land they have excellent strategies. Gondor eagers for power, but they wont let their allies down. Saxby01




Harad Desert(!)

Crusaders of the West Harondor (Desert), Harnen A move to face the uprising Southron armies. Runned by the kingdoms of Arnor, Dale, Rohan and Gondor, they ride south and come closer to the heart of Harad, step by step. Almost entirely war aimed, a huge threath for the South. Aragorn, Denethor, Théoden, Brand Ithilien(!),


Harad Desert(!)

Angmar Angmar, Mount Gram, Ettenmoors, Coldfells. The once faded evil is rising from the ashes, and wish nothing but death upon all light. Together with their Gundabad allies, they plan to destroy all in their path. Saruwoman (Sauron) Lone-Lands(!)
Gundabad Gundabad (wp), Trollshaws. The wild hordes of orcs once again are becoming stronger by the moment. Reuniting at Gundabad, the new chief will try to gather all their forces, and a new shadow will fall upon the uprising Arnor. None Misty Mountains(S),

Gladden Fields(S),


The Angle(!),

Northern Wilderland(!)

Vales of the Anduin(!)

Orcs/Goblins of the Misty Mountains Goblin Town, High Pass, Dimrill Dale, West Gate (including inner Moria) The filthy Orcs which seek refuge in the Misties. They've conquered Moria, and remain there. Sometimes they go out on raiding parties. Maybe one day they will lay war upon the ones which aren't prepared... None None
Dol Guldur Dol Guldur, East Bight The new power of Dol Guldur is reaching out to conquer the entire Mirkwood. Semi-ruled by Mordor, the Orcs are nothing but war aimed. Still preparing for an even greater war than the ones they have fought until now. GamingReboted (Khamul)




Vales of the Anduin(!),


Balchoth Harhúdor (South of the Mountains of the Wind), Mountains of the Wind. Part of the almost unknown tribes of Rhun. They live in great wealth and prosperous trade, alongside a very strong army. For the rest, little is known about the Balchoth, but their Power seems to grow fast... Antonconandoyle


Near Harad Red Desert(O),

The Last Desert(S)

Khand Khand The Horse-folk of the steppes bordering Mordor. Ruled by their Khan, they live a hard and sturdy life on the rough terrain. They often join other forces in battle with their superiour horse-skills. Are they matching the Rohirrim? Who knows... None
Rhúdel Rhúdel, Eryn Caran The Easterlings adjacent to the sea of Rhûn. Much into both trade and war. And one day we will come to see, which of the two are more important for them. Nittynitwitt Isle of Rhûn(S)
Wainrider Tribes Plains and steppes of Rhûn Loose tribes of Wainriders with close ties to the Balchoth. They are joining forces with the Balchoth and Rhúdel to face their western enemies. None None
Isengard Nan Curunir Saruman is breeding something behind his caves... There is everlasting smoke above the Tower of Orthanc. Something is growing there, a rising evil. Arob105


Uruk Highlands(O)
Dunland Dunland Under the influence of Saruman, these loose tribes of hillmen are aggresive towards the good peoples. They often send out raiding parties to destruct the land of Rohan. Will it one day come to actual warfare? None Enedwaith(S)
Mordor Mordor, Núrn, Eastern desolation, Nan Ungol, Morgul Vale, Gorgoroth, Udûn The Black land of the Dark Lord. Classical enemy of the west. The forces of Mordor are growing with the minute. They are the master of all evil warfare and seek many allies in combat amongst Easterlings and Southrons. Strong ties with Isengard are being claimed to exist. Saruwoman


Brown Lands(O),



Near Harad Empire Near Harad The great Empire of the South. Their might has never been as great as it is now. Since Gondor's decline, they have done nothing but grow in power. With it's closest ally, Umbar, they continue to raid the north. It's been said they have found the Olifaunts... Kongfumonkey2


Near Harad Desert between the river Harnen and the river to the right (S) Desert to the south(S)
Umbar Umbar The Pirates of Umbar. Their lifes are on sea, but yet their home lies in the Bay of Umbar, where the pirates have their city and haven, the once so mighty haven of the Númenoreans. They seek nothing but wealth in the North, one day they might wedge full-on war. None None
Moredain Tribes Far Harad (Arid) Savannah The loose tribes of the Moredain. Often minding their internal businesses of keeping their villages in a good state. They sometimes fight in wars, but it mostly stays to tribal conflicts with the Tauredain. None None
Half-trolls Perthorogwaith These rough creatures live on the east coast of Harad, amongst the vulcanoes. They are very war like, but remain in their home land most of the time. They fight alongside the Moredain and the Near Haradrim against the Tauredain and the West. Thijminecraft02

(Half-Troll Chieftain)

Tauredain Empire Harad Jungle, Tol Hîth The once so mighty Tauredain Empire is rising again. They are recovering from the slaughtering by the other Haradrim peoples. Regaining power, which means also regaining the will to fight. None Far Harad Swampland(S),

Far Harad Mangrove(S)

Dwarves of the Red Mountains Red Mountains The four Dwarven Tribes in the Red Mountains. They aren't very communicative, and it is not even know where their loyalty lies. With the East? Or the west? Very little is known about their intentions. None None
Avari Elves Avari Forest (Wild Wood) The first of all to meet the humans, which were now to Middle-Earth in those days. Only little is known about them, for that they remain in the woods of the far east. They broke all ties with other Elves long ago. Who do they fight for? Do they fight anyways? No one knows... None None